Tot Mom Casey Anthony Announces…’She’s Pregnant Again!’

by on 05/07/11 at 2:26 pm

"Please tell Jose I've missed my period again! See if that helps."

Orlando, Florida – (

On the heels of her miraclous aquittal for murder in the first degree of her then two year old daughter Caylee, Tot Mom Casey Anthony stunned the courtroom when she announced through streaming tears that…”Ha Ha I’m pregnant again!”

Sporting a slight belly swell Anthony beamed confidently toward the jury who moments before read a verdict of NOT GUILTY on first degree murder, agravated child abuse, and felony manslaughter murder.

As before with daughter Caylee, Casey would not divulge the name of the father, and left many guessing how a person who’s been incarcerated for three years in a solitary cell becomes pregnant.

Mavis Battencourt, one of the 12 jurors, had an answer…”A miracle!”
Miracle indeed says court baliff Henry Calipher, who says it must have been the same miracle that saved her child-killing ass from a date with the State’s lethal injection machine.

Defense attorney Jose Baez comments were, ” Well, tell her to keep the darn thing away from the pool, forget anymore tattoos for a few years, and for God’s sake tell not to talk about all those long days we had alone at my office preparing her defense.”

6 Responses to “Tot Mom Casey Anthony Announces…’She’s Pregnant Again!’”

  1. Edith McCrotchen

    Jul 5th, 2011

    Stupid, even if it is satire

    • Bargis

      Jul 5th, 2011

      C’mon…tell us your name really isn’t McCrotchen. Pen name, right? I mean, don’t you get all kinds of flak from McDonalds? Or is your name a franchise too? You know, I’m feeling a little randy today, so I’ll mosey on down and get me some McCrotchen!
      Laugh will ya! The smile will help pull your boobs up!


    Mar 23rd, 2012

    i swear if this stupid bitch is pregnant again she needs to have her female insides ripped out of her and ran through a shredder!

  3. debi

    May 15th, 2012

    lets just hope the state or her parents get this new baby before the morge has a chance to

  4. captain america

    May 15th, 2012

    ….Bargis….you’ve found a new fan base! Told you the idea to spilt the site into 2 including one for the illiterates across the pond would work out!!! Bet you’re gobsmacked!!!


  5. Bargis

    Jul 9th, 2011

    Hi April….It’s not a real story. As far as Jose, we might want to check to see if it’s Hose B! As far as a jail guard and additional time in the slammer, I’m sure the jail officials will charge him with ‘bad sexual tastes.’

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