Casey Anthony Reportedly Hooking Up With Joran Van Der Sloot

by on 21/07/11 at 8:29 am

Van Der Sloot contacted Anthony and started a jailhouse romance

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Jailed murder suspect Joran Van Der Sloot who is in prison for the suspected murder of a Peruvian woman, and a suspect in the disappearance of an American tourist, Natalie Holloway, has reportedly sent love letters to Casey Anthony while she was in an Orlando, Florida jail cell. According to jail officials, Anthony received upwards of twenty letters a week for almost a year.

Since Anthony’s exact location is unknown but to her attorneys, speculation is that she has gone to Peru to visit with Joran since Peru allows initmate visits between prisoners and civilians. A dark haired woman wearing a bag over her head was seen leaving an American Airline flight that landed in Lima on Tuesday adding to the speculation that Casey is there undercover.

Many of the letters contained hints where Natalie Holloway remains are located and suggestions to Casey that she allude to authorites that she knows the location and will divulge the exact spot for a cash reward. So far, the letters hint at the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the South Pole, and the Titanic as probable places the body of the then 20 year old could be found.
Since both are notorious liars a reasonable search at those locations is in doubt.

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