Packing Error Causes Concerns For International Space Station Astronauts

by on 08/12/11 at 6:55 am

The Russian re-supply ship touches down in Dorkistan after delivering the wrong cargo

Dorkistan Rocket City – (

It was revealed today that last weeks Russian supply mission to the space station resulted in a packaging error where thousand of doses of the popular male sex enhancement drug Viagra was sent to unsuspecting astronauts circling the Earth in the International Space Station.

"The packaging was mistaken for vitamins," claims a NASA spokesman. "We deeply regret the confusion and will work hard to correct our boner!"

The all male crew was noticibly upset when a scheduled televised question and answer session with members of congress caused some bewildered concerns as the astronuats twisted and dived, trying hard not to show the results of a massive Viagra overdose.

It was after senior astronaut Bob Pulaski floated into a re-charging port and accidently 'plugged himself into it' that people really noticed the problem, especially viewing Pulaski shocking his mighty 'Johnson' with 780 volts and blowing his helmet clear across the cabin.

NASA's surgeon general immediately ordered the crew to 'stand down' and work out vigorously on the exercise equipment on board.

Meanwhile, concerns for the departed US re-supply team that’s enroute to the space station has grown, since astronaut Melanie Hogburn will be the only female enroute to the space station and will be staying for a 6 month tour. She will be replacing Norbit Flanders who has reported chest pains since arriving last month.

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