North Korea Fires Rockets in Show of Force!

by on 20/05/13 at 4:53 am

"Ok get this....Two running capitalist dogs go into a bar..."

“Did you catch that footage of the whale getting bonked on the head with that missle. Laughed my ass off…”

DMZ- Korea (

Protesting the lack of media coverage ever since the Boston Bombings swept North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s childish antics from the breaking news, North Korean medium range rockets splashed into waters bordering the Hermit Kingdom.

South Korean air defense experts claim it was a short range rocket and not a medium ranged model that the North claims it launched. General Kim Du angrily challenged the South saying it positively was a medium range rocket because he personally lit the fuse to set it off!

South Korean General Yu Park Wong quickly chastised his counter-part by claiming the General is over 89 years old and forgets easily, often calling the South Koreans ‘Japanesse occupying forces.’

General Yu Park-Wong stirred the North Korean hornet’s nest two years ago when he accused Jong-un’s late father of having a small penis and big mouth.

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