Local Farmer Fights Largest Mosque in North American Scheduled To Be Built in Maryland

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The mosque will bne the largest in the Western Hemisphere according to Turkish officials.

The mosque will be the largest in the Western Hemisphere according to Turkish officials.

Imam Khoury says the mosque's boys soccer team will be really good at kicking.

Iman Abu Khoury(pictured) cheered his team on at the annual soccer match-up between the mosque’s boys soccer team and a nearby Christian all-girls school. It resulted in a lopsided 34-2 victory for the girl’s team..

The mosque even has free pick-up service on holy days.

The mosque even has free pick-up service on holy days.

Lanham, Maryland – (SatireWorld.com)

Most Americans probably don’t realize that Turkey’s Islamist government is building a colossal mosque in the United States with the input of several branches of a group known as the parent organization of Hamas and al Qaeda.

It’s an alarming story unlikely to receive coverage in the mainstream media, however, a nonprofit dedicated to exposing the dangers of Islamic extremism has posted information about the project on its website. The $100 million mega mosque will be erected in Lanham Maryland and is expected to “become the largest and most striking example of Islamic architecture in the western hemisphere” when it is finished this year.

The massive facility, which will be called Turkish American Culture and Civilization Center, will span 15 acres and will feature five buildings, including a mosque ‘constructed using sixteenth century Ottoman architecture that can hold 750 worshipers, a series of fortified bunkers, several laboratories for scientific research, an airstrip, and a 1,000 yard gun range. A spokesperson clarified the need for a gun range by saying, “So? We like shooting sporting clay pigeon things.”

It will be a place that will help counter an epidemic of “Islamophobia” in the United States, according to Turkish government officials who recently visited the construction site. The delegation was led by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose goals include increasing Islamist influence in America.

Greeting Erdogan, who is transforming Turkey from a secular democracy to an Islamist state, on his recent visit to Maryland were leaders of two entities of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of Hamas and al Qaeda. They include Naeem Baig, president of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

Some neighbors oppose such a large mosque and unsuccessfully tried to block its construction but their efforts were derailed by the Obama Administration’s insistence that it be built at that location.

Fifth generation farmer, Hedson Gibson, who has property bordering three sides of the proposed mega-mosque site, says he has a plan to convert his adjoining 3175 acres of rural farmland to be an exclusive all pig farm and promises to broadcast squeals and oinks via a loudspeaker system if the mosque uses electronic means to blare the call to prayer several times a day over its minaret loudspeakers. It will be the largest private-owned pig farm in north America when completed.

According to Gibson’s recent radio interview, he defended broadcasting oinks and squeals since he feels his pigs pray too and having over 3,000 acres he wants the pigs to “get the word out to all their buddies about eatin’ and prayin’ times.”

Rural codes only require livestock farms to be fenced, and Gibson plans to allow his livestock to wallow next to the proposed parking lot of the mega-mosque which he said he will fence the wallow-side before the mosque does since the county doesn’t allow double fences.

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