Ever Wonder Why Muslims Aren’t Happy?

by on 05/06/13 at 3:51 pm

Haji Abdullah sure looks unhappy in this photo taken at his 37th birthday party in Tehran.

Even after beating his wife twice in one day…crossing the street just to kick a stray dog, and then burning an American flag at an embassy riot, Haji Abdullah sure looks unhappy in this photo taken at his 37th birthday party in Tehran.

Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslims, and the terrorists that some are so quick to embrace, don’t appear to be happy. Why is it they always seem to want to hurry themselves along in commiting suicide even at relatively young ages.

Lets have a look at the evidence and see why this happens:
– No Christmas
– No television
– No nude women
– No football
– No pork chops
– No hot dogs
– No burgers
– No beer
– No bacon
– Rags for clothes
– Towels for hats
– Constant wailing from some idiot in a tower
– More than one wife
– More than one mother in law
– You can’t shave
– Your wife can’t shave
– You can’t wash off the smell of donkey
– You cook over burning camel shit
– Your wife is picked by someone else for you
– and your wife smells worse than your donkey

Then they tell you that “when you die, it all gets better”??
Well no shit, Sherlock!….It’s not like it could get much worse!

Then there are other muslims who don’t commit suicide but live their lives woefully unhappy. Here’s the proof!

They’re not happy in Gaza ..
They’re not happy in Egypt ..
They’re not happy in Libya ..
They’re not happy in Morocco ..
They’re not happy in Iran ..
They’re not happy in Iraq ..
They’re not happy in Yemen ..
They’re not happy in Afghanistan ..
They’re not happy in Pakistan ..
They’re not happy in Syria ..
They’re not happy in Lebanon ..

So, where do they find happiness and prosper?

They’re happy in Australia .
They’re happy in Canada ….
They’re happy in England …
They’re happy in France …..
They’re happy in Italy ..
They’re happy in Germany …..
They’re happy in Sweden ..
They’re happy in the USA …..
They’re happy in Norway ..
They’re happy in Holland ….
They’re happy in Denmark .

Basically, they’re happy in every country that is NOT Muslim and unhappy in every country that is! So, who do they blame?
Not Islam.
Not their leadership.
Not themselves.

They end up blaming the countries they’re happy in!
And then……… They want to change those countries to be like….The country they came from where they were unhappy!

Excuse me, but I can’t help wondering…
How damn dumb can you get?

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  1. hysped

    Feb 7th, 2014

    Well you have nailed it. Hell of a note they all-ways want to live here but they then want to make it as miserable as their country

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