Dr. Mengele Addresses College Students on his great Medical Experiment: ObamaKare!

by on 27/09/13 at 6:12 am

Too bad the same doctors that will be determining if you're worth saving under Obamacare aren't examining the leaders who invented this madness!

Too bad the same doctors that will be determining if you’re worth saving under Obamacare aren’t examining the leaders who invented this madness!

Baltimore, MD – (SatireWorld.com)

Barack Obama appeared before the only type of crowd he’s comfortable bullshitting, community college students in Maryland (you listening POM?) to take a victory lap about his new medical program which is rolling out in 5 days…even though the death panels and regrouped abortion clinics are not ready to pull the plugs and abort full term births.

With a mad gleam in his eye, the good doctor was greeted with huge acclaim, not seen since Nuremberg in 1937 ,a crowd of 19 year old followers who couldn’t wait to light a doobie, do shooters, Twerk and F****around after the party.

As the applause echoed around the hall, Obama raised his chin to the sky, looked majestically to the heavens as if to say, “See…they really, really love me because I AM THE ONE!”

The man did not have a care in the world, while the rest of us await the full impact of 10,000 pages of gibberish put together by a horde of back room college student social engineers who really want the government not only to house and clothe them and, BTW, throw in a Bimmer, but grant them absolution for their acts resulting in unwanted pregnancies, nasty sexual transmitted diseases, and oh yes, Barry, while you’re at it..how bout those horrible student loan payments preventing me from going off on spring break to Mexico, Aruba and Bogota!

Barry and his Fifth Column of Sharia lovers and anarchists are now marching virtually unopposed as they continue their goose step choreographed act not only through the white house, but through the formally sacrosanct institutions of the United States of America.

Not the least of the horror, is the Quislings who have undermined the determined, but outnumbered opponents now reviled everywhere by Journalists, bleached blonde news readers, talk show hosts, and even self styled 26 year old foreign policy ‘experts” (See O’Bagly, Elizabeth, Fluke, Sandra, and Georgetown University) quoted by the likes of Ketchup Kennedy, Li-Lo Graham, the father of Megan McCain, and even ‘you know’, our next ambassador to Japan,Caroline ScheissBerg.

In the Dr. Mengele regime, up is down, and down is up…meanwhile they’re going to keep experimenting with society: Legalize drugs, let rapists out of prison on ‘uman rights issues, freaks marrying their gerbils and getting a tax deduction, pick up the tab for homes and cars folks can’t afford because either THEY DON’T WANT TO WORK, or in the case of the now suppressed middle class THERE ARE NO FREAKIN’ JOBS!

The economy is improving, ok let’s F**** that up with ObamaKare forcing employers large and small to cut hours to 29 and drop the expensive health care option! Certain groups are pointing out what’s happening in the country and protesting, call Lois Lerner and sic the IRS on the bastards!”

“SCOTUS could veto the mandate? get opposition research on Justice Roberts on what he did on the beach at spring break in 1970 with that nymph from Smith College..and while you’re at it
check out General Petraeus e-mails and phone calls…probably something in there we can get him to quit on like McCrystal. Call Rahm in Chicago, he handled those things for me there..sneaky little Jew that he is, he’s the best at this stuff…he’s got more files on these guys in government than Herbert Hoover..Hoover in his strapless dress and Rahm in his Ballet Pumps…the type of guys you can’t do without if you want to stay in power and on top of your game!”

“Call Bill and tell him I need him out there selling that red neck aw shucks charm. What, he’s not returning calls…tell that pig farmer I’ve got the pictures…of both him AND Hillary, just say Barack needs you or else it’s Huma, Huma, Huma…that’s all folks for 2016!”

“Hey, get Joe in here! Joe, this a big F***g deal, we’re gonna start operating the way my father taught me. Here put on this smock and cover your head with this cap…and while your’e at it, pass me those rubber gloves…I really don’t want to get my hands too dirty with these bloody experiments. And by the way, what time does the first train pull in with the patients?”

Remember the Silence of the Lambs.

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