Even Wife’s Cell Phone Number Written On A Men’s Room Wall Doesn’t Deter ‘The Word’s Happiest Muslim!’

by on 23/02/14 at 6:11 pm

'Happy' Ali Mohammed was tunned and surprised at the news, then quickly passed out cigars to his friendfs when he learned his 14 year old daughter was pregnant from 'using a dirty toilet seat.'

‘Happy’ Ali Mohammed was stunned and surprised at the news, then quickly passed out cigars to his friends when he learned his 14 year old daughter was pregnant from ‘using a dirty toilet seat’ while volunteering at the Tehran State Mental Hospital.

Tehran, Iran – (satireworld.com)

Happy' Ali Mohammed is without a doubt the 'Happiest Man in the World!' He's earned this distinctive title by never frowning, never being angry, and always having an upbeat and positive attitude about all things in life.

Some say Happy Ali was born that way and have related a stories about when Ali was ten years old. It seems a classmate pushed Ali’s face into a water fountain breaking off his front tooth. He smiled and shook the kid's hand, thanking him for giving him one less tooth to brush. Later, while serving in the Syrian Army, a fellow soldier accidently bayoneted him in the eye. Ali just laughed it off promising the soldier a 'lunch on him' as they wheeled him into the base hospital for emergency eye surgery.

Even as an adult, Ali’s always good mood shone through even when a pair of muggers hit him repeatedly with a cement block. Though severely traumatized, Ali handed each a twenty dollar bill, asked if his blood ruined their suits, and then called the ambulance himself…never pressing charges!

Today, Ali’s good mood is still prevalent, even after visiting a sleazy restroom at a local bowling alley in Tehran and finding his wife's cell phone number written in felt tip pen on the bathroom stall wall.

Was he angry? Not 'Happy' Ali Mohammed!

He even carefully wrote her work number below the inscription and added his teenaged daughter's cell number as well! For good measure, he even added Fatima, his 78 year old Mom's name and number to the wall. To top even that, he taped a quarter under the numbers in case the reader was out of change for the pay phone.

Yes,'Happy' Ali has been happy ever since birth. His doctor narrowed down the happy condition to a genetic split in his DNA strand, which makes it impossible for Ali Mohammed to feel anger.

Fully understanding his forgioving condition, the doctor sent Alui a bill for over three million dollars for a bogus diagnosis of advanced brain cancer forcing Ali and his family to sell everything forcing them into bankruptcy!

Was 'Happy' Ali deterred? Not on your life! He summorized his feelings by shooting the doctor 127 times with his AK-47.

Now, today after spending an additional $1 million dollars for lawyer fees to beat the rap, 'Happy' Ali Mohammed is even happier, since he’s saved over $2 million dollars he was supposed to pay the doctor.

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