Mexican Coyotes Organize Illegal Travel Agency For Latino Border Jumpers

by on 16/09/14 at 10:11 pm

Jose Cruz just booked a trip to LA through the Illegal Beaner Travel Agency in Juarez

Jose Cruz just booked a trip to Chicago through the Illegal Beaner Travel Agency in Juarez, The trip includes a one-night stay at Obama’s Chicago home, and dinner at Taco Bell.

San Diego, CA – (

Having already taken over all of South and Central America, the Latino population of the New World now have their sights on taking over all of the northern hemisphere as well, as thousands are poised at border jump over points waiting to take advanatge of the Obama amnesty efforts.

Having subdued the native peoples of these lands over the centuries and dominating their former lands, they now wish to pull the carpet out from under the largely white population of the two countries of the north…the United States and Canada.

“We have been planning this for a long time.” said Miguel Hermosa, coyote organizer and travel arranger for the Conquistadors of Norte America, a Latino underground pumping illegals over the Mexican border into the U.S. “We saw how lazy the gringos are now in the age of computers and don’t want to do the hard or dirty physical labor that any society needs to keep functioning. We came over the borders both legally and illegally to do these unfilled jobs. Now, with much time, we have taken over the foundation level of their society and will over throw them, making them slaves to do the work they once despised. We have over populated our taken over lands in the south and now need more ‘lebensraum’ in the north. We have our people in every state and every province in the two gringo nations. They will soon be ours!”

Already the organized efforts of Conqistadors and other clandestine Hispanic groups have managed to put a wedge into U.S. immigration and illegal alien policies. They have made the United States the only country in the world that forgives illegals who have broken the law and shown disrespect for doing so and who now supports the children of these illegals by allowing them to stay and helping them with their higher education, something which the government doesn’t extend to its own citizens.

The coyotes do not plan on stopping after they have subjugated the northern hemisphere. “Why stop?” asks Hermosa. “Siberia and the riches of Russia are just over the pole on the other side from Canada. Think of what we could do with all the oil and land that they control!”

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