North Korea’s Kim Song-Un ‘Unfriends’ Obama Over Internet Troubles

by on 24/12/14 at 1:07 pm

Face and eye make-up must be  in high fashion in North Korea

Must be high fashion in North Korea

Ouch! Bet that hurt!

Ouch! That hurt!

Washington, DC – (

First, it was the Sony Studios hacking and subsequent furor over North Korean’s part in damages to an American business enterprise. Second, it was the mysterious denial of service blackout that stalled all 12 of North Korea’s Commodore 1 desk tops last week. This week the North has vowed to retaliate against Washington.

After threatening to destroy the White House. Obliterate the Pentagon with a death ray, and finally, threatening to melt Kim Kardasioan’s ass with a flamethrower, Dear Leader Kim Song-un decided to hit Obama where it hurts and ‘un-friend him on Facebook.’

According to First General Kim Dim-Ug, “It’s our equivilent of a ‘strongly worded letter’ and will cause running dog Obama a loss of face.”

Facebook’s statement concerned the extremely slow upload time it took for the North Korean action to register it’s ‘un-friend’ agai nst the Obama homepage. “It took almost three hours for it to come through and we suspect a slow telephone dial-up modem as the cause.”

Dennis Rodman says he can help with brother Kim’s make-up in the future and promises to teach him to text.

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