Muslims March in Paris in “Hands Up, Don’t Draw” Protests

by on 17/01/15 at 7:32 am

Several nice Frenchmen helped out illiterate muslim protestors by helpfully writing a few signs in English

Several nice French cartoonists helped out illiterate muslim protestors by helpfully writing a few signs in English


Thousands of Muslims joined in protests today in Paris to show solidarity against the main threat to their existence – cartoon sketch artists. Poverty, crime, and feeling  ostracized by their community are all serious problems that face the Muslim community, but no one is more feared than the sinister artists of crudely-sketched depictions of their prophet.

Many in the crowds held signs that read “Hands Up, Don’t Draw” and no signs contained an artist’s rendering of any kind of image. It is common knowledge that Muslims have been afraid of animation and cartoons for years. Family Guy and Beavis & Butthead are forbidden in the Muslim world, and enjoying a Garfield cartoon is subject to punishment by flogging.

The protesters marched through the streets of Paris before ending in one of the many “No Go Zones” throughout the city. The only incident during the march occurred when the protesters walked past an art supply store and several of the more radicalized protesters burst into flames just from being that close to vellum paper and drawing utensils.

At another point in the march, the crowd approached a local cartoonist trying to get to work. As the crowd started shouting and running toward the man to kill him right there in the streets, the man whipped out a sketch pad and a charcoal pencil. He shouted, “Back off, or I’ll sketch something!” At that point, the crowd backed off and slowly went down a different street, leaving the man in peace.

All artists in France have been instructed to stay armed with crayons, a Flair felt tip pen, graphite pencils, and sketch pads and to carry these items on their person when in public until tensions recede in the area.

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  1. Walter Bucket

    Jan 17th, 2015

    Quakers Riot outside Disney World after Donald Duck pictured in Playboy as completely naked Quacker! holding Card saying, “Nothing is better than me for thee.”

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