ISIS Militants Watch the Head Drop on New Year’s Eve

by on 04/01/16 at 3:25 pm

The countdown began at exactly 12:09 Muslim time which is not so reliable

Ali starts the countdown at exactly 12:09 Muslim time which is not so reliable because his watch is usually broken


Members of the terror group ISIS spent New Year’s Eve celebrating the beginning of a new year of terror attacks and killing by watching the annual head drop in Mosul. The tradition is in its third year and the event is circulated by cellphones and ISIS-controlled TV stations in the region.

The head drop takes place in the center of the city, at Terror Square, and consists of the decapitated head of an infidel being lowered on a rope forty feet from the top of a building while the fighters shout along to the countdown to zero. Then, at midnight local time, the men fire their weapons in the air, kiss their favorite goat, and retire to their homes to rape their child brides.

Leaders of the group insist that one day, when they complete their Caliphate, they will carry out the tradition at Times Square in New York. The head drop has become more popular each year among the locals, mostly because there is not any anxiety over the possibility of a terror attack during the event. This allows the crowds to really enjoy themselves.

Achmed, one of the attendees in Mosul, said he looks forward to the event each year. “It’s really special. Seeing that bloody head drop reminds me of why I got into the terror biz in the first place!” President Obama said the tradition is “not bad for a JV team.”

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  1. Bargis

    Jan 4th, 2016

    Ahhhh noting like a Muslim celebration to get your blood boiling!

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