Hillary Clinton Blames Stunning Presidential Loss on SatireWorld

by on 09/11/16 at 7:41 am

I guess many people didn't!

I guess many people didn’t!

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Washington, DC – (SatireWorld.com)

Knowing you’re about to get your ass kicked still doesn’t make it any more pleasant when it finally happened to Hillary Clinton. But in Hillary Clinton’s world it’s all the more bitter when it’s done by spoof artist pundits who get a kick out of making douchebags like the Clinton Cabel feel uncomfortable all year round and even more so during a presidential election when so much is at stake.

According to the Clinton folks, ‘it’s that Captain America guy I blame for stirring up trouble with my sheeple people!’ Referring to the flocks of brain-dead constituents who follow a government money trail of hand-outs, widespread corruption, lies, threats, and free Obama phones.

Chelsea herself angrily listed the SatireWorld writers who she blames for her mom getting politically humiliated in front of her family and friends in the liberal media. She even sent a donuts and flowers to the Clinton News Network.

Donna Brazile added her two-cents by saying….”That darn Evil Williams guy! He started it all back over a year ago with some story about me and a herd of sheep. Imagine that? Moi? A dipshit? You kidding me?”

John Podesta stepped up to the microphone and added…”Oh, don’t forget that Philbert of Macadamia guy. He’s nuts! Always making things up about me too.”

Bill Clinton said to reporters with a trembling voice “I can’t tell how much I’ll miss those interns that I haven’t even met yet! Oh, I’m sorry…Speaking of SatireWorld, can you imagine the nerve? I don’t even know what a J-man is, but I’ll wager he’s some Tea Party guy who wears a dress!”

MSNBC’s CHris Matthews offered his take on the SatireWorld issue by saying “Don’t get me started on that Bargis Tryhol guy. He started it. Him with a snozzle as big as New York! Who does he think he is anyway?”

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  1. O'Leg Pee

    Nov 20th, 2016

    Re: ‘The Old Cunt’ bar, Hillary’s campaign HQ:

    today’s BBC News story about Brit house of horrors care home in Cornwall called Clinton House whose outdoor hoarding calls it Cunton House.
    Cannot copy and paste the pic but here’s the link, scroll down, pic is turd (third?) one at bottom of story:


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