70’s Isis Star Claims She’s Not A Terrorist

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Vintage Joanna....

Vintage Joanna….

Ayatollah Smella Buttholla mentioned to friends that his bedroom poster of Joanna was a favorite.

Ayatollah Smella Buttholla mentioned to friends that his bedroom poster of Joanna was a favorite, but of course he covered all exposed parts.

Pittsburgh, PA – (satireworld.com)

Joanna Cameron, star of the mid-1970’s Saturday morning television series Isis, claims that she is not in any way affiliated with the terrorist group ISIS (called ISIL by some Democrats to show support for and pander to Syria).  She says that “yes, my show is named after the Egyptian goddess and I could transform into her, but I was never any type of terrorist.  I worked with Captain Marvel to fight the bad guys and fight crime and to make the world a better place.  I never blew up religious sites or beheaded Christians or performed female circumcisions or had sex with farm animals.”

When asked if she would be willing to come out of retirement, call upon the powers of “Oh Mighty Isis,” get her friend Billy Batson to shout “Shazam,” and fly to the Middle East to fight against the terrorist group, Cameron stated that she was “67 years old and wouldn’t be as sexy in the costume and would need some good Ben-Gay rubdowns if I even thought about filming fight scenes without a stunt double.”

The television show Isis ran for twenty-two episodes from 1975 thru 1977 and was then run in Saturday morning repeats (as “The Secrets of Isis”) for several years after that.

From the largest Mosque in New York City, the Ayatollah Smella Buttholla said that “of course this woman is not from the great freedom fighters of ISIS,  Look at the loose and flaunting way she dresses and shows off her almost naked body and luscious bouncing American breasts!  Any self respecting Egyptian goddess from ISIS would be dressed in a proper burka and be subservient to her men and wear and suicide vest!  Besides, I thought that Electra Woman and Dyna Girl were much better looking in their skin tight spandex costumes.”

“The American Isis woman talked to her animals and asked them questions, like some kind of Dr. Doolittle.  Our animals obey our commands and provide us with meat, milk, work, transportation, and sexual release without needless conversation.”

“I also believe that the Secrets of this Isis probably had something to do with her tricks in bed with the Great Satan Infidels of America.  Our secrets are not for the non-Islaamic world to know.”

Cameron allowed reporters to check her home and no explosives, prayer rugs, sheep, or burkas were found (though they did find a DVD of Jeff Dunham performing with puppet Achmed the Dead Terrorist).


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