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...of course First Dude wannabe-Bill Clinton-will have his hands full attending 'Hillary For President' rallies across America

…of course First Dude wannabe-Bill Clinton-will have his hands full attending ‘Hillary For President’ rallies across America

Oh shit! He might be back!

Oh shit! He might be back!

Realizing that it’s only April I began to shutter in HORROR as it dawned on me we will be
bombarded ad nausea with projectile vomiting, lying, vile invectives from the LEFT as we head into the Presidential election debacle.

This will certainly surpass my child hood memories of my mother sticking it to my dad by getting me to recite “Phooey on Dewey” during the infamous election results of 1948!

Just imagine 19 months of MSNBC, CNN, NYT, LA Times, CLIT TV, and Mother Jones releasing reams of misleading, if not out right lying stories tying republican candidates to racism, LBGT bashing, phone tapping, crimes against Common Corp, Global Warming Deniers, Prius Bashers, Windmill Wankers, Gov Walker’s lack of a college degree, Ben Carson’s racism (HUH?), the IRS, the UN’s financial accountability, and the logic of taxing rain water coming off your roof in order to pay unfunded government workers obscene pensions.

We’ll soon see affirmative action policies and a job corp for indigent ISIS trainees, government grants for more mosques at ground zero, and an aviation licensee agreement for Ryan air to provide low rates to facilitate Somalian Jihadists to fly direct from MN to Syria and the front lines.

We”ll be heartened with photo ops of the President smiling in Kenya surrounded by the entire 82 Airborne Division as they attempt to provide an “Iron Shield” around his arse as he pays respect to his roots, and personally chain saws the tree his father crashed into while driving and drinking single malt scotch leaving behind a village of shanty huts of off spring and wives still waiting for alimony payments that never showed up in the mail.

Bill Clinton will kiss and make up with Monica on “The View” and break down in tears when Chelsea makes a surprise visit with child spawn Charlotte to show all is forgiven and that oral sex is a zero sum game.

The Clinton Foundation will announce it has taken in over $7T in grants from 3rd world countries based on their conscience that want to return all the aid we’ve sent them to provide clean drinking water, flush toilets, rebuild Haiti, and provide technology so they all can join the nuclear age of destruction.

Hilary will laugh when she meets Putin in a ‘repatriated” Poland and he pushes her belly button causing her to release a pent up fart in an international “RESET” as Russia regains “Laberstaum” and now controls most of Europe after NATO crumbles thanks to Obama’s brilliant foreign relations policy fronted by John Kerry and Marie Harf.

And did I mention that on Election Eve we’ll have to stomach Obama Pardons for Blago, Jessie Jackson Jr. (and his wife), tax forgiveness for Al Sharpton, Bernie Madoff, the Chicago Cubs, Jerry Brown for the boondoggle of the high speed rail line from Los Angeles to Vegas, former MA Governor Deval Patrick for burying the state with the 2024 summer olympic games, Bill Cosby, Alex Baldwin, and Sean Penn, Michael Moore, and Oliver Stone for Crimes Against Good Taste and Common Sense?

The federal department of Land Management aided by an executive order will take the entire island of Martha’s Vineyard by (his) Eminence (sic) Domain and designate it as a Presidential retirement center for Obama and fund a tunnel from Mashpee, MA direct to the sprawling Harvard/Obama Political Learning Center supported by a surcharge on Obama Care Policies.

After taxpayers revolt when Kilowatt hours go up to $5 with all power plants shut down by the EPA, they will scream from the hills::Fuck You, we’re sick and tired and will not take it anymore….we’ll watch Fox News, the Patriots and the Sox in the DARK!

8 Responses to “#NOT READY FOR HILLARY!”

  1. Bargis

    Apr 12th, 2015

    Cap hits a home run

  2. Captain america

    Apr 12th, 2015

    ….never thought I’d see the day when the office of president:
    DON’T mean nothin,”

  3. E. Williams

    Apr 12th, 2015

    I’m exhausted already.

  4. Walter Bucket

    Apr 13th, 2015

    As Yogi says, “It’s deja vu all over again”.

  5. Philbert of Macadamia

    Apr 13th, 2015

    The American people need to buy a “Hillary Filter” for all their electronic devices, that turn them off in the next 19 months, whenever Hillary’s name is mentioned.

    Leading from behind makes Obama the anus of the free world.

  6. Captain america

    Apr 13th, 2015

    …..maybe if we filter it through a blue dress….

    Her announcement while no surprise is quite
    A blow on the war against women…

    Bill is licking his chops and looking for a desk with
    More head room!

  7. Philbert of Macadamia

    Apr 14th, 2015

    Filthy rich Hillary, the wealth redistrbution queen, is playing to the no information voters. She is thinking of Sheila Jackson Lee as VP and Al Sharpton for her old job as SOS!

  8. Captain america

    Apr 15th, 2015

    ….wonder if she’s elected she’ll rename the Blew Room???

    Expect the Resolute desk to be burned in effigy in the offal office
    To erase the stain on Bubba?

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