Blue Dog Dems Rally Support In New Chandra Levy Murder Probe

by on 12/08/16 at 11:15 am

Conduit's claim that Chandra had a really hairy bush rankled one past First Lady

Condit’s claim that Chandra had a ‘really hairy bush’ rankled one past First Lady

Washington DC – (

Pals of Gary Condit, the former US Congressman exonerated in the federal investigation of murdered 24 year-old DC intern Chandra Levy, are amassing an evidence dossier of ‘rogue’ Party members suspected of a cover-up in the 2001 Rock Creek Park killing.

According to a Democratic Party Internal Affairs resident ‘Deep Throat’ Mr Condit – Member of the US House of Representatives from California’s 15th and 18th Districts from 1989 to 2003 and sometime lover of the Federal Bureau of Prisons intern – ‘may have found out something horrid’ about a long-running, highly covert Washington AC/DC sex ring with ties to Hollywood.

Their findings, due to be published in next month’s seminal edition of LA HagFagSlagMag.con magazine, are said to focus on a number of other, unsolved Washington DC murder mysteries – including the 1993 two-bullet rat-shot ‘suicide’ of White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster.

The former Rose Law attorney and Clinton staffer was discovered RIP in Fort Marcy Park located less than seven miles away from the Rock Creek Park site.

Commenting on the upcoming revelations an editorial spokesperson at the LA website said, “We know who you are, suckers!”

Judge Antonin Scalia is rolling in his grave.

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