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by on 26/07/15 at 5:42 pm

Why are you letting a nincompoop like this determine your future and the state of your freedoms?

Why are you letting a nincompoop like this determine your future and the state of your freedoms?

Bargis Tryhol’s rant for Sunday………..

You listening McConnel and Bohner?

As a candidate we need someone who says ‘we’re sick and tired and we’re not going to take it anymore’ and means it! Someone who snaps back at a reporter’s slanted question. Someone who just ‘tells it like it is’ without the spin and bullcrap. Someone without strings to corporate interests who’s only interests are getting Americans pointed forward with one hand on their bible and the other hand on a door handle that opens to new opportunity.

No more RINO’s whispering in our ear telling us that everything is just peachy out there while the slither of their silken tongue clouds our good conscience …Oh yes, as usual we feel their hand in our rummaging in our pocket as our minds grow number.

No more Democrat clowns using the black man and the brown man as front line troops to sell their lies over and over again, or to define their special brand of what is racism and what is simple truth and common sense.

No more liberal douchebags telling us how to think-live-like, or what to eat or drink, or what to say, or not say. How and when to protect ourselves, or how to educate our kids.

No more news commentary jackasses with tingles-down-their-legs praising daily incompetence from the White House.

No more network news anchors hand picking which news story gets read and then get reported by some Playboy Bunny wannabe with the intelligence of Sponge Bob.

No more TV Kadashian jackasses touting a blank yet bankrupt lifestyle to our children as being the ‘new’ status of having arrived and being cool.

No more media whores who chat-up the tired party lines and attack our convictions like pit bulls when prompted by the White House.

No more mentally ill men dressed in women’s clothing with bolt-on boobs demanding we call them ‘women’ and that we must deem them worthy of our respect because they’re somehow brave or courageous for walking around looking foolish.

No more hypocritical lying celebrity jackasses who cozy up to fake politicians and then act like political science scholars telling YOU how to vote, yet live their own lives in such a wasted state of moral decay that Caligula himself looks like a nun.

No more open borders that make us the laughing stock of lesser nations.

No more promises of it ‘getting better,’ when in fact, at best, it just stagnates or slowly stops moving at all. It’s then you realize that the future isn’t in your hands any longer and it just might be controlled by a foreign government, or a government crony, or worse, a politician who plans only for the net election and leaves tomorrow’s dreams for another person to interpret if at all. If you’re middle class your sinking as they replace the dollars in your pocket with granite stones and head you out upon the thin ice of retirement.

Revolutions don’t start with guns they first start with fed up citizens yearning for truth and freedom. Yes, It’s high time the appeasers, the liars, and the political elite realize people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. But more than that, we’re angry and we just don’t give a fat fuck about self-serving politicians representing parties that have forgotten who they represent.

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