Spellchecker Bug Behind White House Staffer’s Bum Rush Booting?

by on 15/12/17 at 8:28 am

aka....Miss Approachable!

aka….Miss Approachable!

Washington DC – (SatireWorld.com)

A computer bug may be in the frame behind the sudden, unexplained firing of Omarosa Manigault Newman, defunct White House Office of Public Liaison communications director, according to latest SatireWorld reports.

Documents shredded – uh, seen! – by Internal Affairs sources have flagged a bum note on her HR background check, generated most likely by the notorious Fuxxnet virus.

The malware uses a covert anagram program to rearrange personnel files before sending them straight to the President’s cellphone where they show up as Classified Top Secret CIA briefs.

“President Trump maybe thought it was a coded message warning,” a Capitol Hill insider told our DC reporter, “assessing the former Celebrity Apprentice as a complete flake.

“Try anagramming her name to something flattering? ‘Not warm anus megalomania’ is what you get.”

2 Responses to “Spellchecker Bug Behind White House Staffer’s Bum Rush Booting?”

  1. Bargis

    Dec 15th, 2017

    good one! I wondered how long she would last at the White House before her personality trashed herself.

  2. O’Leg Pee

    Aug 16th, 2018

    White House Orifice of Pubic Liaison statement deplores the number of K9 ‘ticks’ still embedded in West Wing rugs…

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